Requirements for Baptism



If the age of the child to be baptized is already 7 years or older, he/she must attend a two-year preparation of Religious Education (Catechism) before being baptized.

  1. Birth Certificate of child being baptized.
  2. Parents to be registered at our parish, if parents are not registered please fill out the attachedRegistration Form.
  3. Proof that both parents and both Godparents have attended a Pre-Baptismal preparation class.
  4. If the parents or Godparents are registered in a parish other than Little Flower, they must have written permission from that parish allowing them to baptize or act as Godparents at Little Flower.
  5. Godparents must:
    1. A)  Be at least 16 years old.
    2. B)  Catholic (at least one of them)
    3. C)  Have been baptized, received First Holy Communion, and have been Confirmed.
    4. D)  If they are married, they must be married in the Catholic Church
    5. E)  Two single persons may be Godparents if either one is not living in free union with eachother or anyone else.
    6. F)  Only two persons are required to act as Godparents, preferably both a male and a female.
  6. Baptismal form must be completed by both parents and Godparents and turned in to the parish office, along with the other required documentation and donation request, at least two weeks prior to scheduling a Baptism date.
  7. Donation Request: $50.00 per child

Only 10 English Baptisms (Saturdays at 9:00am), and 10 Spanish Baptisms (Saturdays at 10:00am) are scheduled per celebration. If the date you request is not available, your Baptism will be scheduled on the next available date.

Please call the office at the above number in order to register both parents and both Godparents for Pre- Baptismal preparation class. NO KIDS PLEASE