The mission of the Disciples of Jesus and Mary program is to help participants recognize how they are called to live in holiness and how to recognize the unique gifts and graces they have been given. The participants learn to apply five core principles to their daily life, learn how prayer helps develops their spirituality and how to discern the will of God according to their vocation or unique plan of life.

In the Discipleship program, members follow the path of Jesus and Mary.  We live the Gospel and help others by example. We serve the poor and minister to those in need according to the capacity given to us by God.  Through prayer and discernment, paraticipants learn how to be disciples of Jesus and Mary under obedience to the Church.

The Disciples of Jesus and Mary program entails participating in two – six week sessions. Participants need to register in advance of the classes.



PRESIDENT:         Elda Juarez

VICE PRESIDENT:    Lety Flores

SECRETARY:           Jeny Hill